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Search engine Optimisation.
Use our unique database of 60000 web sites to reach page 1 of Google.
Legitimacy of natural web backlinks assured!

Google has released TensorFlow,
their machine learning system to determine search results

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optimisation (SEO) by building web links.
Find out number of potential web sites to link to you using the keyword tool.


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Why does Google look for natural backlinks?

Did your web site rankings get hit by the Penguin update?

Register and get free web links into your web site to boost your search engine position, which are natural and legitimate.

Did you know that the number of web links to your web site is considered the most important factor in search engine ranking?
Ruby web links offers you the chance to help build these web links yourself without having to employ a webmaster for search engine optimisation (seo).
Read 'The art of search engine promotion'

Results achieved Google UK
"Cat7a cable" position 1 page 1
"Cat6 patch leads" position 1
"Trafford park taxi" position 2
"Paternity DNA testing" position 1
"Paternity testing" position 4
"furniture recruitment" position 4
"Christmas huts and grottos" position 1
"ice rink business for sale" position 1

"ice rink for sale" position 1
"5 a side football dorset" position 1
"6 a side football yeovil" position 1
"7 a side football salisbury" position 1
and 36 similar locations in position 1
"central london psychotherapist" position 4
"central london psychotherapy" position 5
"London psychotherapist" position 4
"pianola care" position" 1
"pianola restoration" position 2
"pianola repairs" position 2

"pianola servicing" position 2
"Gotha steck" position 8
"Free web links" position 1
"Free backlinks" position 9

Web links

Web links give your web site TLC

Results achieved Google USA
"villas cozumel" Position 10 Google USA

"vacation rentals dejablue" Position 1 Google USA

Results achieved World wide
"Free web links" position 1
"Build web cross links" position 1

Ruby web links helps you to build cross links between your own existing web site and other web sites, all for FREE. The mutual benefits are

Web visitors can benefit from being able to find other websites with related infomation Web visitors can benefit from being able to find other web sites with related information
Mutual links bring more web traffic to your site Mutual links bring more web traffic to your site
enhance your google page rank Relevant and useful web links will enhance your google page rank which means your web site appears higher up in search engine listings. Click here on page rank and link statistics for the facts
  Following the Google PANDA and PENGUIN updates, please do not encourage anyone to build unrelated or (if inappropriate) foreign country web links to your own web site. This could cause your search engine optimisation to be compromised.

This is achieved by using this web site to record your links to other web sites, and then adding a web page to your own web site to utilise these links. You can make contact with other web site owners to persuade them to return a link to your web site - they are more likely to agree if you have already put a link to their web site. Ruby-web-links will help you keep track of contacts made with other web site masters. Take direct control of your web links!

Make sure that new links are relevant and appropriate - otherwise search engines such as google will penalise you for any obviously 'artificial' links. See explanation of page rank by google at Also note that the anchor text used on the link to the web page is associated with that web page and will be used as an important part of the keyword search process. A paper co-authored by a founder of google gives some insight into page rank and anchor text, and although the precise rules that google now uses is not known, the underlying principles are likely to remain the same. View paper at

Recommended action:

Register your own web site (for free) and find out your page rank and number of existing links
Add a proposed link to a related web site (this is not effective until Step 3 is completed)
Add a 'Useful links' web page to your own web site (provides HTML code to be pasted into your web page)
Make contact with the related web site owner to persuade them to add a link from their web site to yours to give mutual benefit to search engine optimisation.
All this for free! All we ask is that you link your web site to



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